Michel Erler


Michel Erler is a designer and researcher exploring the potentials, challenges and contexts of emerging technologies and systems through speculative design fictions.

He was short-listed for the Tate IK Prize, bringing Artificial Intelligence and the Fine Arts together. Michel holds a first class honours degree in BA (Hons.) Interaction Design Arts from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.

Michel is currently doing a MA Fiction & Entertainment at SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, where he is working on a machine vision video game and speculating on automated aspects of Augmented Reality. Upcoming: Machine Learning for Creativity and Design Workshop at NIPS 2017, Long Beach.


Having worked for Red Badger, QAGOMA Brisbane and Takram London, Michel has a background in interaction and strategic design. Design scenarios and speculations have become increasingly important for his practise. Selected projects are listed below.


What would a world be like in which every object is ID tagged, trackable through time and space, and linked to a database holding a vast range of information abouts its history, market value, sentimental attachments etc.?

"A revolutionary smart way to organise all your belongings"

Spimeio is a fictional service provider operating as a platform for physical goods. Users are able to overlook and organise all their belongings in a digital inventory, giving them the option to directly store, lend or sell objects. Furniture with integrated RFID-reading technology functions as an everyday scanner for objects. Technologies used for this project: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Node.js, HTML and CSS.

Deep Learning Kubrick

The video installation explores the boundaries of image recognition software. Taking a still from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining ever four seconds, the algortihm tries to describe what it sees. Adding descriptions bit for bit, an alternative narrative emerges.

Portfolio upon request.


Get in touch via mail@michelerler.com.

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