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Gaming Is the New Voting

How crowd-sourced simulations have the potential to become new democratic tools for complex decision making processes.


A design fiction about a world in which every object is ID tagged, trackable through time and space, and linked to an exhaustive database of information abouts their lives.

Bonum Cyberneticum

A blog post on research influencing a design fiction in which every object is trackable.

Deep Learning Kubrick

Exploring the boundaries of image recognition software.

Towards A Rhizomatic Library

Triggering a wider discussion about the perception, use and hidden pontials of the LCC library through a series of interventions and workshops.


Projecting personality and characteristics in the most abstract shapes made from the most mundane materials.

Socratic Bot

An attempt to gain collective wisdome by bringing together machine learning and philsophy.

Flusser and Hybrid Spaces

How Flusser's work can be a toolbox for a wide range of practioners.

Disposable Money

As we are moving towards immaterial currencies these fictional notes explore what it means to lose the physicality of money.

Exchanging Museum

A concept for an ever changing museum whose collections are owned by the general public.

Sketchbooks 2014

A loose collection of sketches, random thoughts and moments of epiphany.

Edouard Glissant

Towards a global dialogue that embraces diversity as opposed to homogeneity.

One Second of Earth Rotation

An unconventional view on theory of relativity.

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